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Transportation Equipment Operator A
Transportation Equipment Operator A
$29,888.00 - $43,951.00 Annually
Armstrong County, PA
Job Type
Non-Civil Service Permanent Full-time
Department of Transportation
Job Number
10/17/2018 11:59 PM Eastern
Transportation Armstrong County
Worksite Address
504 South Water Street
Kittanning, Pennsylvania
Zip Code
Contact Name
Tracey Clevenger
Contact Phone
Contact Email
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As a leading Organization in the Maintenance of Pennsylvania's Highways, the Department ofTransportation Armstrong CountyMaintenance Organization is seeking to fill vacancies for full-time CDL Equipment Operators to support the maintenance of the County highway and bridge systems. Multiple positions may be filled. Join the Armstrong County Team with this exciting career opportunity!
Work hours are 8:00 AM to 4:00 PM Monday - Friday. Work hours are subject to change during the winter and summer seasons. May require travel, overtime, shift work.
As an Equipment Operator for PennDOT, you will plow snow and work on construction sites, which are both vital to the safety of the public traveling Pennsylvania roads. You will also perform manual labor, minor repairs to equipment, and preventative maintenance for the trucks and equipment.
Working hard and serving Pennsylvania each day is a rewarding job. You will go home each day feeling fulfilled and productive!
Successful completion of the Transportation Equipment Operator Trainee Program employed by the Commonwealth of PA; OR graduation from a Commercial Driver's License Training School; OR two months of experience in the operation and maintenance of single-chassis trucks with a Gross Vehicle Weight Rating between 26,000 and 32,000 pounds and the operation of highway construction and maintenance equipment; OR an equivalent combination of experience and training.
Possession of a valid Pennsylvania Class A or B Commercial Driver's License with the Air Brake Restriction (L) removed or equivalent.
Must demonstrate successful operation of equipment with a manual transmission.
This position requires possession of a valid Medical Examiner's Certificate in accordance with the Federal Motor Carrier Safety Regulations.
Employees must obtain an active Tank Vehicle Endorsement (N) during the probationary period and continuously maintain it while employed in this job.
This position is subject to Drug and Alcohol testing in accordance with Federal Regulations.
Pennsylvania residency required.
Health & Wellness
We offer a comprehensive benefits package, including health coverage, vision, dental, and wellness programs.
Work/Life Balance
We understand that there is more to life than work ? and we want you to enjoy it!
We offer paid vacation days, paid sick days, military leave, as well as paid time off for most major U.S. holidays. Alternate work schedules and telecommuting arrangements are available for certain positions.
Career Development
We want to help you grow and see your goals become a reality! Supervisors and human resource staff are available to help employees create a plan to develop skills for their current jobs or prepare for the next step in their careers. Employees can easily transfer between positions or agencies to expand knowledge and pursue new challenges while retaining leave and benefits. Additionally, there are a variety of programs available to help get you where you need to be.
Other Rewards
Commonwealth employees enjoy many other rewards, including opportunities for recognition, workplace charitable giving, and even special employee-only discounts.
For more information about benefits, health and wellness, work-life balance, career development, and other rewards go click on the benefits box.
Eligibility rules apply.
Have you successfully completed the Transportation Equipment Operator Trainee Program as an employee of the Commonwealth of PA?
+ Yes
+ No
Have you graduated from a Commercial Driver's License training school?
+ Yes
+ No
Do you have at least two months of experience operating and maintaining a single-chassis truck with a Gross Vehicle Weight Rating between 26,000 and 32,000 pounds, OR any combination unit over 26,000 pounds with a tow greater than or equal to a 10,000 pound trailer?
+ Yes
+ No
Do you have a valid Pennsylvania Class A or B Commercial Driver's License or equivalent with the Air Brake/ L restriction removed?
+ Yes
+ No
Can you operate a vehicle or equipment with a manual transmission?
+ Yes
+ No
Do you have a valid Medical Examiner's Certificate in accordance with the Federal Motor Carrier Safety Regulations?
+ Yes
+ No
This position is located in Armstrong County, Pennsylvania. Are you willing and able to work in, and commute to this location?
+ Yes
+ No
Required Question
Commonwealth of Pennsylvania
613 North StreetHarrisburg, Pennsylvania, 17120
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